August 25th, 2011 by alliance

Wanna know what the crew at Water Monsters has been up to these past few weeks. Well here’s a little taste. Enjoy!

Wanna know what the crew at Water Monsters has been up to these past few weeks. Well here’s a little taste. Enjoy!

30 Responses to “Nobody messes with the Water Monsters team”

  1. yup Says:


  2. Dylan Says:

    4.13 , didn’t even think that ollie would’ve been possible with straps..

  3. steveP Says:

    that ollie was quite impresive. diggin the hard flips too!

  4. Edward Anderson Says:

    It’s too bad the guys in the old Nautique need drugs(alcohol and weed) to enjoy one of the greatest activities known to Shredders. These guys need to find a different way to express their feelings of inadequacy and thumbs down to Alliance for allowing the post? Killer ridin by all the other guys!

  5. Ge Says:

    ^ that was a cigarette breh, welcome to high school

  6. yup Says:

    EDWARD. did your mom say you could come on this site?

  7. max Says:

    edward … what a joke . go put on your helmet and your WWJD braclet man

  8. Rich Grainger Says:

    edward, just no…..

  9. NEL73N Says:

    Edward, it’s people like you that make people like me shake there head.

  10. Skipjack Says:

    Edward, they are hippies through and through…You cant hate them, they mean well. i dont worry about my kids watching it cause who aspires to be a hippie? Just a bunch of kids who are “living the dream” or so they call it. No real relevance to society…

  11. Edward Anderson Says:

    Skipjack, I’m not hating, I thought it was about the WakeSkatin, but not those guys? Hell, I’m all about a good party, but this is a Shred site? For the young ones(max & pup), you must make your parents proud, such a good front. Nelly, you obviously don’t get it? Ge, do you think people are that stupid? It’s funny I’m the only person who uses their full name, probably the only adult(over 18), just sayin…

  13. Ge Says:

    tons of shred videos from any sport have lifestyle shots and I enjoy them all in moderation. obviously I’d be annoyed if it was like 50% drinking clips but its cool to see a mix of shots giving background on riders no matter what it involves. Im 20 but even if i was younger id be smart enough not to let 30-something seconds of a wakeskate clip effect my life decisions. Those shots were all exaggerated anyways. I thought the intro was badass. Their movie style is what makes them unique.
    …and my name is Ge because i punched the keyboard to plug in a name I dont see why it makes a difference unless youre trying to lurk or something. which i wouldnt be surprised from all the little boy assumptions you made

  14. Brad Arnold Says:

    Ed, chill. I think we can all agree that there are some aspects of the sport that you may not want your kids or children you know being exposed to, but unfortunately that is life. Drugs and alcohol are EVERYWHERE. And how do you know that it was not a cig filled with tobacco and not marijuana? Assumptions. I think you know what we get from those.

  15. Edward Says:

    I don’t care if kids see it, that’s a parents problem! My point of view is centered around how the sport is portrayed? If you want to make a Jackass movie, that’s fine, just why is it here on Alliance Wake? I visit this site to be informed and entertained about WakeSkating, period… Brad, if it were a cig, then that’s worse than a joint! Alcohol and Tobacco kill, weed bonds frienships and expands the mind! The only assumptions being made here are about my point of view???

  16. Edward Says:

    Ge, I almost forgot, 20 years young, you certainly know alot? Hell, I could be your father. It’s not about being influenced, don’t flatter those guys. It’s about the sport, but hey your probably a poser?

  17. asteroid asteroid Says:

    who aspires to be a hippie?

  18. eyo Says:

    Edward u are a f*ckin kook, u obviously dont deserve to even watch some of the best wakeskaters in the world, even as well as an epic funny edit on a website, and edward can i ask u one question, do u ride and intergrity?, u seem like u do!!kook, stop talking!
    WaterMonsters is the shit!! i personally enjoyed the f*ck out of that edit, plz the more the better

  19. Add Says:

    Ed last time I checked you were the dabber that pointed out everything that wasn’t about wakeskating. Keep living your Internet forum dream. Good luck in the cubicle tomorrow, hope you find your stapler.

  20. Ge Says:

    how could someone be a poser for wakeskating? probly 99% of the country doesnt even know what it is. I could wear tie dye shirts, cut off jeans and wet shoes around town but I don’t think id be getting any props. Thats because its a young sport, meaning you calling me young and knowledgable about wakeskating is perfectly valid. adios mr. pedaphile. find another site to meet kids

  21. Ge Says:

    i usually find it useless to comment on anything like this but i think when you try and say someone like Kyle Walton (easily one of the happiest people ive ever met, also easily one of the biggest contributors to the SPORT of wakeskating) has a problem enjoying wakeskating on a sober level, I think you’re gonna stir things up for anyone whos not a poser

  22. truth Says:

    if you wakeskate you probably smoke weed lets be honest, KYLE WALTON shreds who cares if he smokes so do half of the stars you follow.. Its about the riding not lifestyle choice get the fuck over it

  23. ed sucks Says:

    we’re already fuckups for wakeskating full time, whats a little weed gonna do

  24. Edward Says:

    It’s sooo easy to mess with the Water Monkeys, sorry monsters?

  26. sickk Says:

    ed is no fun

  27. sickk Says:

    edward is a turkey, don’t let the turkeys keep you down

  28. eyo Says:

    turkey/donkey/kook= edward

  29. i ride integs...(NOT)... Says:

    at retention this past weekin i think a full semi truck of tree’s were consumed….and i couldnt count the beer can’s that were cashed…im sure ben made out on the money from recycling…great times with solid people is what this sport is about…..and stu was so wasted he couldnt even really stand up but was throwimg hammers in the pro practice…man i love this sport…. P.S. nick taylor was sober and he rides a peice of plastic….

  30. Kingdumb Says:

    Haha wow this guy is a kook. First of all, if you are coming to Alliance to get “informed about wakeskating”… you are an idiot. Try going to a WAKESKATE site… this is a wakeboarding site with a wakeskate blog attached to it, ran by wakeboarders. Alliance didn’t have any part in making this video so go cry to water monsters so they laugh at you.

    Second of all, every single sport on the planet has athletes who drink beer and do drugs, get over it. I’d love to rip the bong with Michael Phelps!


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