Age: 17
Home: Nanaimo, beautiful BC Canada
Years riding: a few years now, 3 or 4 Canada summer and  winters
Sponsors: Sattelyte Wakeskates, Reef, Dragon, United clothing, EHTO  technologies.
Boat, PWC or Winch? lately I’ve fallen in love with boat, and I love winch missions, but ski sets with the brother are the best.
Wake or rails? Wake and slabs of concrete
Film or photos? Photos are fun because you see the result as more of an art, but film is fun too.
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboards.
Inclines  or  boxes?  Inclines, preferably over barnacle-infested water.
Pool gaps or natural winching?  All natural, surrounded by retirement homes or deep in the woods is best.
Metal or rap?  country
Home or away? home sweet home, love mom and dad
Soda or Juice? Water and apple juice. Or tropical punch.
Twitter or Facebook? Facebook.
Canada or Philipines? Canada for sure. Nothing compares.

The first time I met Tanner Champion he was standing at the start platform of the 6.0 pool jam at The Byerly Toe Joe/The Hippodrome a few years back.  I think he was 14 straight from Canada, throwing down with the pros.  The next year he and his awesome mom were down in Portland for the Tige Pro Am and we got to hook up and do some winching in Portland and in Salem. That winch set in Salem Tanner earned the name Moose, cause he was charging at doing a 3 shuv over a picnic table in 10 inches of water with a gravel floor under the water.
This past winter my buddy Matt and I drove up to Canada to see Tanner and do some winching. He could only take us to his favorite winch spots, because it was still winter and the lake that he takes his jet ski on was frozen over.  He still had snow in his front yard. This is just one of the reasons I love this kid!! Winter riding is awesome.

Tanner is a fun guy to ride with, no water too dark, too cold, too snow covered, or too shallow will stop this kid from riding!  He never backs down and won’t stop until he lands it or the winch breaks some how.  Watch out for Tanner, he rides more than anyone I know in all types of weather!! He’ll be throwing down for years and in snowstorms to come!!– Zak Stone