MSRP $119.00

Size: What size do you want? 

What type of riding is this product best for and why?

Whether it is boat, ski, winch, or a day at the cable. This E.R.A. will step up to the situation. This skate doesn’t focus on any specific type of riding. If you want to hit that big wake to wake, charge it! When throwing those 3 shuvs it stays flat and fat with a moderate pop. The 3 stage rocker tracks nice and gives a comfortable feel, fins or not. The board tested is 41” in length, 16” in the middle with 13” at the tip and tail.

Appearance-wise, does it look sweet?

The board is controversial to say the least. The bright orange rails stand up and say look at me. As for the graphic, I have never seen one like it on a wake skate. When you “bust” it out of the quiver be prepared to answer some questions. Enough said How durable is it (and how hard did you trying to break it)? ERA makes the boardwith 9 plys of 1/8” thick wood. 8 plys of douglas fir and 1 ply of white oak. The douglas fir is very light and flexible, while the white oak is stonger than maple. These two types of wood are indiginous to the north west. In other words, you are getting a piece of Oregon in every skate. All that needs to be said is “go try and break it”.

What is different about it than others of the same type of product you've tried?

The price. Other than that, it is a wake skate made to wake skate

General thoughts?

Great joy is found when you can order an board in any length or width you want. Then you realize that it was easy on your wallet, the delivery was quick (3-5 weeks), and will most likely be around longer than your girlfriend .I have ridden everything from  a Sattelyte  Success, Integ Bamboo TNT and Lemons, Cassette flat deck and all in between. I am not a great wakeskater, hell I'm lucky to land some 3 shuvs, but when the ERA gets pulled out, everyone who rides it loves it. Including me of course.