Did you know that were living in the future? Well we are, and I was recently thrust into this stunning reality myself when I was invited out to the projects to try the new Sesitec System 2 cable. Now I know other people have already reported on the awesomeness that is this creation, but I still feel I had to put in my two cents. 

The cable is revolutionary to say the least. The fact that you can be picked up by the rope from exactly where you fall everytime (as long as you don’t kick your board into shore that is) is pretty much the bees knees.  Not to mention that it is less than half the size of the regular cable and could pretty much be placed in your back yard if you had a little pond to shred in.  I can honestly say, it has to be the most fun way to ride with your buddies there is. No more switching off between sets, or even trying to ride doubles (which we all know can take forever). Now you and your buds can just all shred at the same time, with pretty much 0 waiting time, making that game of SKATE a million times more enjoyable. This new system 2 cable is real easy to learn too. Even a dysfunctional semi-amateur waterboarder like myself was able to make the turns, after a couple failed attempts of course.

So if you have 20 dollars to spare, and don’t feel like standing in line all day at the regular cable, grab some friends and head to the Projects. For more information on this, and all the other fun stuff there is to do at the Projects, be sure to check out their newly revamped website at www.theprojectspark.com . And if you want some more in-depth explanation on the System 2.0 head to www.thewakeparkproject.com. Trust me when I say it’s the most fun you’ve had on your skate in a while…..