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Red Bull athlete Brian Grubb added his own tale to the unique history of Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, KY during Red Bull Winch Sessions March, 2013. The professional wakeskater conquered the river and toppled challenges of scattered rocks, late-night darkness, and even bats scattered overhead in the depths of the natural jewel of the Midwest.

Red Bull Winch Sessions are one of many innovative Red Bull athlete projects that give highly skilled wakeskaters a platform to explore new heights for the sport and connect with fans in new regions of the country. Red Bull Wake Open is an annual event, judged by Brian Grubb, which combines the biggest and best of wake sporting on one stage. Red Bull and Brian Grubb team up to drive wake sports to the next frontier, push the boundaries, and bring new fans to thrilling water sports. Brian Grubb has helped shape everything about the sport from wakeskate design to competition format.

6 Responses to “Red Bull Winch Sessions: Lost River Cave”

  1. login Says:


  2. login Says:

    just stahhp with this

  3. dudeman Says:

    That seems like it was too much work for a ‘meh’. Bring back WakeLab or something else really progressive.

  4. Bingusgrob Says:

    Wait who? Ooohhhh Brian grubb! Brian grubb Brian grubb…

  5. Scott Says:

    Cool electric winch, but Red Bull already did this years ago….it was called Depth Charge.

  6. Wrapitup Says:

    Sounded better in theory


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