“Bam, Bam, Thankyou Maam!” that’s what I screamed at the end of the Hyperlite Rewritten Premiere. Seemed like all of the Orlando wake scene was at the Plaza to watch the world premiere of the new Hyperlite team film “Rewritten,” produced by our very own Keith Kipp and Josh Mcwilliams of Alliance Visual Experience. The filming, editing, and riding by the team consisting of wakeboarders and wakeskaters Brian Grubb, Brandon Thomas, and newly added Chris Kallas were all amazing.

The video is like none before. Hyperlite wanted a team video and thats what AVE delivered. Rewritten has new ground breaking ideas, and a new style of organizing the video. Brian Grubb shows us why he is the king of the boat. Chris Kallas throws every different variation of big spin possible right in our face like its nothing and stomps the cleanest reentry 3flip I’ve ever seen. Brandon Thomas goes huge off the never before seen rails and setups. There are also a couple tricks from one of the teams wakeboarders that I’ll keep secret.

It’s impossible to explain how crazy the intro to Rewritten really is. There are so many things in this video that you will need to rewind to watch again. So when you get the chance to watch Rewritten don’t turn it down. For now, check out the gallery for some pictures of the premiere.


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