Photo: Adam Aslanian
Rider: Ryan Doyle
Trick: Body varial to back lip (Mouse Hole?)
Location: The Projects
Date: 2/23/08
Temp: in the 50’s

I went to the Projects one day to shoot. Turns out Ryan Doyle was actually in the mood to take a break from tramp boarding, and grace with me with this legendary wakeskating ability I’ve heard so much about. So we headed out to the park to see what we could accomplish.

Now, originally I wanted to set up the tripod, and get some wide-angle sequences of the rail. But being the irresponsible photographer that I am, I didn’t bring my tripod. So I got into the frigid water instead and had at it with my zoom lens. My goal was to capture as many rails down the line as I could, so that your eyes would just naturally move from left to right down the frame. I believe I accomplished what I had in mind for the most part, but that didn’t really work for the cover, so it got cropped out anyway! And in hindsight, I would have liked the background to be a little softer. I probably should have backed up and zoomed in a little more. See the uncropped version here.

After it was all said and done, we headed back to the house and played a little game of skate on the tramp. It was a close battle, that came down to the last letter, but in the end Doyle bested me (all luck).

Josh Kirby claims this trick is called a mouse hole. Can anyone back him up on this?