January 7th, 2011 by alliancewakeskate

Stu Shinn Back Big Photo by: Roland Lugo

Brian Grubb Shuv Photo By: Riley Bangerter

Aaron Perkins  V-Flip Photo by: John Jeffries

10 Responses to “Snaps: January,7 2011”

  1. Sawyer Davis Says:

    nice one roland

    i’d like to see that spot grubb’s bustin that shuv on..

  2. RILEY B Says:

    Here’s some video of that spot along with some others

  4. nice Says:

    hyperlite edition?

  5. james Says:

    Sick photo Roland

    stu doesnt ride for hyperlite

    that looks like a shuv indy to me

  6. 3 Says:

    shuv indy indeed

    would love to see the next in the sequence for stus

  7. Lisa Jeffries Says:

    Nice job John. Aaron that is an awesome shot.

  8. sawyer Says:

    niiiiiice thanks riley… sweet vid

  9. Zacc Says:

    Roland’s shot is the most legit and true capture of wakeskating I have ever seen photographed. From the wake line still being visable, to the huge indention of the pop…it’s awesome = X

    What up APerkins….. whos cuttin the grass these days

  10. cali skater Says:

    that video has a sick clip of Grubb doing a kicky at up ramp.


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