February 8th I headed out to Dallas Forth Worth boat show to ride in the Board Shorts, Bulls and Bikinis rail jam and ended up coming back with a broken Tibia in my left leg. It has been 80 days since the night I broke my leg and may I say that it has been the longest 80 days of my life. Here I sit still with a broken leg, but on my way to full recovery and hope to be back in the water soon.

Here is my progress so far that I have made since that dreadful freezing cold night.

Feb 8th– 4pm. Arrive in Dallas Fort Worth from Orlando to the Fort Worth Boat show. 9pm. Rail Jam by Step Up Productions starts. 10pm. I break my left Tibia on the decking of the incline rail.10:30pm. Rusty Malanoski scoops me out of the landing pool and helps to cut off my wetsuit and gear to reveal my broken leg. 12am. Ambulance takes me to Baylor Dallas hospital.

Feb 10th — Fly back to Orlando with a splint in a wheel chair and a broken left leg.

Feb 11th– Visit Dr. Randy Schwartzberg (Orlando Orthopedic Surgeon), where I see many posters of wakeskaters and wakeboarders who were recent patients of his. Dr.Schwartzberg puts a Purple and black striped fiberglass cast on my leg from toes to just below my knee. Couldn’t walk with crutches yet. My leg still to sore to let swing or hang.

Feb 12th — Cut most of my favorite jeans off just above the knee for multiple pairs of jeans shorts to fit over my cast.

Feb 18th — Started using crutches to get around.

Feb 21st — Spray-painted my metal crutches electric purple and sewed lime green underarm crutch covers. I knew that I was going to be spending a lot of time with the crutches so I wanted them to go with my wardrobe.

Feb 22nd. — Attached my new universal crutch bag to my purple crutches. I stash all kinds of fun things in my crutch bag and it even has a cup holder.

Feb 29th — Fell really bad on my crutches that my leg needed to be re-x-rayed at Orlando Orthopedics where Dr.Shwartzberg re-casted me with a brand new Rainbow Tie Dye cast.

Beginning of March 2008 — Get used to walking with my crutches and not as many piggyback rides to and from malls and movies. I have become very good at parallel parking the motorized shopping carts at Publix, Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

March 10th — Rainbow cast comes off and removable walking boot goes on. Start putting little bits of weight on my left leg. Dr.Schwartzberg x-rays my leg and says that it is healing but is still broken and not a lot of weight can be put on the bone. Feels great to finally scratch and shave my leg.

April 10th — Today is the first day of Physiotherapy at SST (Sports Specific Training) where I am going 3 days a week. Rode a stationary bike, which was the first feel of using my broken leg. Leg feels sore and week and my leg is very skinny from the muscle atrophy.

April 16th — Went to Play it again sports and picked up a stationary bike for $50 to help speed up the healing process

April 18th — Started walking with one crutch for the first time I can put more weight on my leg then I ever could, still attending physiotherapy 3 times a week.

Today is April 28th — I am sitting on a plane writing this progress report on my leg as I just left San Diego visiting Liquid force office and doing Maven Session at the Carlsbad Lagoon, Crutches and Sand don’t mix and my boot smells like the ocean now! I had quite an adventure in California with the Maven girls Kathleen Penny, Shelby, Kara Austin and Kim Woo from Osiris Girls on my one crutch. Tomorrow morning I wake up and start Physiotherapy for the week my goal right now is to make it to no crutches and just the walking boot, I will keep you all updated on how that goes for next week. My next x-ray is May 12th and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the doc will see a perfectly healed tibia.


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