Photo: Roland Lugo

Location:Bradenton, FL

Trick: Backside Reentry Kickflip

Stuart Shinn is a wakeskater. He is consistent, technical, and progressive all while maintaining a style of complete control. Stu likes to go wake to wake, and when he does magic usually happens. Somedays wake to wake just can just feel a little stale and too rough. So for those lazy days out on the Bayou, there is nothing more exciting then a good old reentry session. Backside reentry tricks have always been a rare sight but seem to be more common as of late. This photo here was meant to be an action shot of the man himself Keith Lant at work. It just so happens that Stu got in the way with his boosted backside reentry kickflip. I once told Stu, “Hey buddy your riding is like a bold concoction of the aerial prowess of Aaron Reed and the technical mastery of George Daniels.” Those being two of our heroes, Stu quickly responded, “Whoa, Thanks dude.”