January 30th, 2013 by jeffmckee


Yan Lecomte is ann international man of mystery, constantly re-emerging in the scene after months of who knows what. He as actor, stuntman, and most importantly, one of our favorite wakeskaters. pics: Cortese


Shorts or Jorts? A little bit of both.


Socks or not: Not. My feet get sweaty but luckily never stink. I mean I hope not?


Buy it or build it: Buy it if yo can’t build it but definitely build it if you’re with Beni around his house.


Cash or credit: Just burning money.


Whole foods or Publix: Publix Suuuuuuuubs!




Mac or PC: Mac for sure. PC’s feel so retarted.


Wakeskate barefoot or skateboard in flip flops: Wakeskating barefoot is like snowboarding wearing sorrels, and skateboarding with flip-flops is like wakesurfing with shoes. Lame.


Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes with extensions are tough.


Spotify or Itunes: What is spottily?


Gold or Silver: Anything in a matte finish, I hate flashy stuff.


French or English: Frenglish, aka a good mix of both.




Switch or Regular: Does that mean that goofy is switch? Daammn.


Canada or Merica? I love to be home but damn this weather is nice, even when people say Florida is cold.


Hot or cold: Don’t mind the cold that’s what seat warmers are for.


Harley Clifford or Mike Dowdy: No clue what to say except that Steel is cooler. Haha.


Reed’s place of Ben’s: Both should be called the happy place.


Acting or modeling: I’m such a good actor.

2 Responses to “This or That: Yan Lecomte”

  1. jackieP Says:

    Wasn’t he in transformers?

  2. lancel premier flirt Says:

    I don’t know… there’s anything tacky regarding owning Ferrari branded things like this.. unless you furthermore may own a really Ferrari.


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