The 360 shuv it is where the board spins horizontally under your feet, 360 degrees. It’s the next step up from a regular backside shuv it, and will help you move into backside big spins as well. Here I am going to explain how to do a reentry 3 shuv, but this trick can be done anywhere on the wake or in the flats. Since I am behind a boat, this is my favorite place to do them. You can use the wake like a ramp, so it’s almost like doing it on a quarterpipe.

Before we get started, here are a couple things to practice to warm up to this trick:
-reentry ollies coming up and back down the wake.
-Regular backside shuv its

Got it? Ok, you are ready.

Frame 1

Set your backfoot all the way on your tail with your toe on the toe edge of the board. Put your front foot just a little bit further back on the heel edge then it would be if you were doing a regular shuv.

Frame 2

Start to drift up the wake.

Frame 3

As you get towards the top flatten off so the board doesn’t shoot into the middle of the wake. This is a mistake a lot of people make, so don’t feel bad if it happens the first couple times.

Frame 4

Initiate the shuv. Control the board with your front foot keeping it flat so it doesn’t rotate off axis. The actual shuv is done mostly with your back foot.

Frame 5

Shuv the board out in front a little bit to keep the board with you.

Frame 6

You have to wait a little bit longer than on a regular shuv. Wait and watch for the tail to come around.

Frame 7

Catch the board. Try to catch it as close the position you ride the board in as possible, but you might have to adjust a bit.

Frame 8- Frame 10

Ride away on your heel edge and enjoy what you’ve just done.


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