Man! What a crazy day! Shit went down today. Definitely the best cable riding I’ve ever seen! I’ll just hit you up with the highlights, which is still plenty to get through! Lemme start off by saying that Andrew Pastura is a machine! He killed it all day. Making his way through the whole day into his first pro finals. He deserves it! His first round he had a toughy riding against Clint Thompkins. Clint had a good run but went down on the kickflip off the incline that he stuck in qualifying, and didn’t quite have enough juice to take out Drew. Andrew’s second match up against John Ruark, who’s no slouch either, was even more impressive.

One of the best runs of the day though, was Stu Shinn’s run for 5th place against John Ruark to see who would earn a spot in the final stop in Orlando. He had a clean flawless run! Stu is next to me now talking me through it. Some of the hammers in his run where boardslide 270 shuv of the box, kicky, backbig, fs flip, varial flip, shuv off the kicker, 360 flip after his run. Nice Stu.

Bret Little showed his experience on the cable, doing shuvs on to the wall ride and other cool stuff! John Ruark was trying Shuvs up the giant triple kinked Rockstar rail. It’s a scary thing to watch, let alone try. Brandon Thomas made it to the Quarterfinals and rode against Reed Hansen. He got some sick switch keep going bigs off the box, but Reed threw in the hammers to make it to the semis. He stuck about every trick he can do today. 3 flip, bs bigflip, Fs flips, varial flip, heelflip…yes heelflip.. He took out everyone in his path ‘til he got paired up with Nick in the semis and went down a few times. That was it for the Hansen.

The Finals ended up being Nick versus Andy P. Andy ended up loosing the coin toss and went first. Things started off all good, he nailed a kicky straight off the dock putting the pressure on right away. Got in a few shuv, bigspin combos and then bombed a big spin transfer over the iceburg slider. He threw a switch 3 and then went down on the first bit of his 2nd pass. He went down again on the box and then again straight after that. So Nick had to just stick a decent run to secure the win. It was still gonna be tough though. But this is Nick Taylor were talking about and he nailed it, sticking a ts fs flip, switch and reg big spins and a kickflip. He down twice but still had enough for the win! That’s two for two for Nick Taylor so far this year, but all her really wants is a first name.

If you guys are ever in the Austin area definitely try come out to the Texas Ski Ranch. This place is awesome! I’ve had such a fun weekend and I’m sure everyone else can say the same. Next stop is in Canada. Can’t wait! I highly recommend coming back tomorrow to watch the footage of today. You wont be disappointed!


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