The body varial revert is a dork trick.  Dork tricks are not serious, just something you can do when you are over trying to do the regular shit. Should you do them to to impress people, in a contest or for a photo shoot? Probably not. Should you try them for fun? YES! In fact, I just like to call them dork trick because they are  a lot of fun! Dorks have a lot of fun! I should know, I’m one of them.

Frame 1

i like to do this dork trick with my front hand only.

Frame 2

Just ollie and do your regular body varial

Frame 3

Try and keep your shoulder locked and just move your hips.

Frame 4

This is were the dorkiness of this trick comes together. You twist your hips to catch the board. but keep your shoulder locked.

Frame 5

This is were you want to put your back foot down first so that you can revert the trick back to regular

Frame 6

Dork that shit back around!

Frame 7

And there you have it, the body varial revert.