Age: 23 years young
Home: Lake Asbury, FL
Years riding: 3
Sponsors: MIKEY T! @ Oak Wakeskates, Pirate Wake and Skate, Asbury Independent
Boat, PWC or Winch? Winch
Wake or rails? Rails
Film or photos? Film
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard!!!!
Inclines  or  boxes? Benches
Pool gaps or natural winching? Both are pretty neat
Metal or rap? Neither
Home or away? Away!
Swimming pools or ponds? Ponds
Mcdonalds or Wendys? hot fudge sunday or frosty…… idk haha, Subway probably
JAX or Nahunta? Nahunta
Pin in or Pin out? pin in no sweat

All I really have to say about Tyler is this dude is good at winching! But seriously, he is a cool guy. I’ve known him for about two years now.  We met at this rail jam in Jacksonville and I knew from that day that he was going to be good.

He came up not unlike myself, with a winch as his pull. The only time he got to ride was when his family and friends came out and pulled him on a little pond down the road from his house.

The past couple of times I have been winching with Tyler he has had me saying wow about every ten minutes. He can do one of the sickest big spins down gaps. (wait til you see the fun boots! bonus section) and all with some of the best skate style out there. Not to mention his k grinds and all that other tech stuff with the Iron! I can’t really say any more just buy Fun Boots! and watch the bonus section. Yeah Tyler!—Ben Horan

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