Photo: Megan Miller

Location: Jacksonville, FL
Date: March 07, 2009
Trick: Kickflip
Approx temp: Air: finally in the 70s
Water: not quite skinning it
Winch driver: Bobby Regan

Finally some warm weather was predicted to show up for a few days in a row, so I called up Tyler and asked him if he was down to ride at all over the weekend.  He said, come Thursday, stay as long as you like, because we are riding every minute we can!  He hit rails, gaps and even skateboarded around downtown Jax for a bit.  A true riding weekend.  At this gap we were completely undisturbed and every rider got their fill.  Once we pulled out the charcoal grill, metal chair and other random objects from the landing zone we were good to go for as long as the light would last.  Thanks to the unofficial Jax winching team -Bobby Regan, Mike Chancey and Tyler Mangus for the hospitality and throwing down the tricks all weekend long.