May 6th, 2014 by Submitted

The Water Monsters crew and friends spent a few weeks at CWC Wakepark and slapped together some of these hammertime clips featuring Andrew Pastura, Austin Pastura, Tj Giesey, Travis Belsito, Nick Taylor, Clement Depremonville, and Nick Robinson. They’d like to thank REPUBL1C, CWC Wakepark, and governor Lray for the amazing trip.

Edit by Aaron and Austin Pastura
Filmed by Aaron Pastura

12 Responses to “Water Monsters and friends in the Philippines”

  1. Sim Says:


  2. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    that hardflip back lip was too sick!

  3. Andrew Masi Says:

    Damn…. that was heavy.

  4. E Says:

    Dear God….hammers

  5. joe Says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t use a Dinosaur Jr. song. Ridings killer but when will these kids get a unique editing idea? This is not the Workshop or Mindfield. We get it 8mm is edgy and core.

  6. ^^^^^^^^^ Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^ this guy clearly doesn’t get it, that was the sickest edit ever. Sweet song, killer riding. Wake is too soft we need more shit like this

  7. wakeboarder Says:

    i wish i was a wakeskater.

  8. jamie Says:

    You think this started with mindfield?

    Photosynthesis inspired thomas horrell’s editing style, specifically in his commercial in hotdoggin, and even that’s not the beginning. Go back to something radical like sick boys, which at least is older than 2008/09.

    It’s actually radical to see these guys use film and use it well. Keep it up pasturas/watermonster crew!

  9. Trever Maur Says:

    This edit is dope!!! Such a rad feel to it. yeeew

  10. watermonsters Says:

    joe we will rip out your cerebral and insert monster brains so you don’t sound so stupid when you comment about our videos

  11. Reed Hansen Says:

    This edit is insane.

  12. Neckbeard Says:

    My neckbeard just fell off from all the sickness!!!!!


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