January 8th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

It’s a new year, new decade and time for change. So today officially marks the start of a new weekly column here on Alliance Wakeskate: Weekly Snaps. It’s sort of like a combination of “Snaps” and “Monday Covers” only with a different name, and on Fridays. Now if you can read between the lines, this means we’re retiring Monday Covers, because, why the heck do you need a cover on the Internet anyway? Seriously. But lets have a moment of silence for them anyway….

Ok enough of that. This way, you’ll get more photos every week and everyone loves more! To submit your photos for weekly snaps, send jpgs to brooke@alliancewake.com for consideration.

Photo of the Week


Collin Gee. By Richie Getter/Blast

Blake_Steele bs flip

Blake Steele. Backside Flip. By James Brown.


Tyler Mangus. Wallride. By Sawyer Davis.

17 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: January 8, 2009”

  1. T-Bone Says:

    great idea

  3. sk82destroy Says:

    i would like to second that “oh snap”

  4. Russell Says:

    Sawyer’s Photo should be titled; Mangus getting shacked on a Prattville left

  5. triggamike Says:

    blakes picture looks familar

  6. hater Says:

    Yeah! Alliance sucks! No business ethics! Wait, what are we talking about?

  7. James Says:

    that tyler mangus kid so hot right now!

  8. ?? Says:

    Whats wrong with alliance business ethics? If I sucked I’d do the same!

  9. Rusty Says:

    Dose anyone working for Alliance even wakeskate?

  10. Beni Horan Says:

    hell yeah tyler!

  11. MikeG Says:

    that shot of tyler is $$

  12. pwieland Says:

    I wakeskate <3

  14. Wakesk8 Says:

    Blake and Collin rip harder than most pros. More footy of these kids please!

  15. Justin Forrest Says:

    siiiiiiiiiiick tyler!

  16. Facebook User Says:

    COMING RIGHT UP Wakesk8!!!!

  17. Braxdawg Says:

    thats a sick pic.


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