July 30th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Ben Horan. Photo: Roland Lugo

Mike Garbarino. Photo: EJ Peterson

Russell Brightwell. Photo: Chris Moore

15 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: July 30, 2010”

  1. Wakeskater Says:

    why is roland shot so shitty? cant even see if thats a gap or what…. rest are sweet

  2. karlos Says:

    not until i read your dumb comment did I realize where that gap is at. hell yeah

  3. Tony Carroll Says:

    Im no photographer but Ben Horan is a beast! Just what he is doing makes me like the pic.

  4. deal Says:

    brightwell’s back tail/ hurricane is sooo proper

  5. Eva71 Says:

    That shot by Ej is one of the sickest shost ive ever seen on alliance. loving it, def one of the best snaps yet

  6. james Says:

    Hell ya Ben and Russell killing it

    nice shots everyone!!

    back tail looks money!

  7. Valdosta Wake Says:

    Rusty Brightlawns…. cleaner, greener, no in-betweener!

  8. logan Says:

    that second shot is awesome

  9. raxel Says:

    guess thats how you broke your nub russ

  10. big boy Says:

    Ej is the man with the meat!

  11. Gucci mane Says:

    Ejs shot is da sh** bit** look at that shot damn. dope shot I’m gonna go sip some lemonade

  12. alijabos.com Says:

    Digging Ej’s shot too

  13. Sven Says:

    Second shot is superb!

  14. Trust the Toe Says:

    Lets give it up for the wakeskate crew…. And just say that skatebord steeeezz is in the air!!

  15. Edgar Says:

    GA is taking over !


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