When visiting the west side you’re sure to find only one 6’4”, 225lb, size 14 foot, Capri-cut, wetsuit-wearing Noah Pettrich. Tucked away in the sliver of backwater where WSR originated, Noah fine tunes his skating skills behind his family’s Malibu Eshlon with his wakeboarding and skateboarding background. Noah grew up wakeboarding with his brothers and friends in the backwater along with the rest of the west side riders. With Grant Roberts holding down wakeskating on the west side, it is refreshing to see Grant and other wakeskaters inspire up-and-comers such as Noah to take their riding skills to the next level.– Melissa Marquart and Lauren Pettrich

What do you think of when you think of Noah Pettrich?

Jacob Valdez: “Hippie”
Noah’s wife: “MMmmmm”
Randall Harris: “He’s a lighthouse of joy for us jaded battle-hardened pirates sailing the dark, hate filled waters of canyon lake. Oh yeah he can wakeskate too but his short shorts kinda freak me out”
Eddie Valdez: “Noah’s Ark”
Melissa Marquardt: “Happy go lucky”
Fish: “Melting butter on Avatar Imax popcorn”

All photos by Melissa Marquardt