A couple of weeks ago the watersports brand Jobe published the great news; the dawn of a new era, a new Jobe wakeboard era!
In the upcoming years Jobe will invest heavily in the development of new wakeboards and bindings. Jobe will approach the market using an innovative vision, unprecedented ideals and revolutionary ideas. A fresh approach in which passion, independence and ambition form the key elements.

Last weekend the entire 2012 wakeboard collection has been showcased to a select audience. As of today Jobe proudly presents the new wakeboards and bindings on the official Jobe website: www.jobesports.com.

Scroll down to watch the brand new wakeboards on your computer! You will find that the ‘Jobe Pro riders Series’ of the following riders are included; Christian Koester (UK Cable Champion ’10), Austin Hair (US National Champion) en Maxine Sapulette (WWA World Champion).

Stay tuned on the official Jobe website or subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on this complete new Jobe Wakeboard era of 2012!