Dubbed as ‘The greatest Wakeboard event in Germany’, Chill and Ride takes place every year in Freistett on the river Rhine. Top-class wakeboarding and wakesurfing coupled with good weather, wonderful vibes and stunning parties makes this event a highlight of the year. David O’Caoimh and Sian Hurst flew out to join in the fun and ended up walking away with the prize money too. Congrats guys.


1. David O’Caoimh Irland MasterCraft
2. Conny Schrader GER Correct Craft Air Nautique 210
3. Dominik Hernler AT MasterCraft
4. Yann Calvez France MasterCraft
5. Ray Dopper AUS Correct Craft Air Nautique
6. Marc Müller CH MasterCraft XStar
7. Ricky Lukassen NED MasterCraft X1
8. Philipp Schramm GER Correct Craft Air Nautique 230


1. Sian Hurst Ireland MasterCraft
2. Pete Reissmann GER MasterCraft X2
3. Korina Smyrek CH MasterCraft X25
4. Lisa Traverso ITA MasterCraft


1. Tobias Reissmann GER MasterCraft X2
2. Nicolas Zimmermann CH MasterCraft X25
3. Harry Döpfert GER MasterCraft X2
4. Alain Frei CH Tige RZ2


1. Korina Smyrek CH MasterCraft X25
2. Saskia Groenewegen NL Malibu Wakesetter
3. Hannah Schramm GER Malibu Wakesetter
4. Nancy Van`t hoff NL Malibu Wakesetter


1. Mastercraft Deutschland
(Ricky Lukassen, David O´caoinh, Yann Calvez, Sian Hurst)
2. Get-High-Boarding School
(Alex Neuwirth, Tobias Dammith, Conny Schrader, Pete Reissmann)
3. Team Flex
(David Vervenne, Jeffrey Lagerin, Sascha Lagerin, Katja Eibelshäuser)
4. Schneewittchen und die 3 Zwerge
(Sam Lutz, Marc Müller, Paul Morgan, Alexandra Kränzlin)
5. Team Unleashed
(Philipp Schramm, Laurent Pichois, Philipp Hofer, Lisa Traverso)
6. Monstergap.ch
(Christophe Vogt, Phil Hodler, Pascal Perrottet, Julia Meyer)
7. Rip it up Felix
(Jason Altenhöfer, Christian Kirdorf, Nicolas Benkeser, Felicia)


1. Sam Lutz CH MasterCraft XStar
2. Marc Müller CH MasterCraft XStar
3. Pascal Perrottet CH MasterCraft XStar
4. Paul Morgan CH MasterCraft XStar
5. Phil Hodler CH MasterCraft XStar
6. Laurent Pichois France MasterCraft XStar