October 6th, 2011 by Sim Bradley

In what can only be compared to something out of the twilight zone, last night Liquid Leisure, in Datchet, Surrey,  were handed notice from the council to close all operations on the cable park with immediate effect. The most ridiculous part of this is that the hearing was for Liquid Leisure to apply for an extension on their opening hours throughout winter due to the huge success of the new cable within the local community, with many families and youngsters wanting to ride all winter at their home park.

As far as we aware, the decision was made with influence from a couple of nearby residents who abjectly complained to the council about excessive noise from the cable (but not noise from the the hundreds of planes landing daily at Heathrow or the constant trains passing right next door!). As any wakeboarder knows, the cable is the most efficient and quiet way to take part in watersports, so we hope the decision of the council is reconsidered very soon after the proposed noise and environmental impact studies have taken place.

It’s not the end of the club though, the UNIT rails from the cable are being moved to the boat lake which is running as normal, and the rest of the services are all open as usual, including the Little Bro 2-tower setup which is being lengthened and having rails added for use of the members. It is only the main cable that is closed.

This closure is not good for anyone; the riders, the industry or the local residents and business owners including restaurants and shops who all appreciate the extra custom from people visiting the cable park. There is an online petition you can add your name to which will be forwarded onto the council upon appeal of the decision. In the meantime please make use of the comments section below and let us know your thoughts on the closure of Liquid Leisure’s cable park, we will collect all your comments and submit them to the appeal as well, so make sure your voice is heard.

5 Responses to “Liquid Leisure Cable Park Closed”

  1. Neil Jones Says:

    It comes to something when local councils, who spend inordinate amounts of taxpyers money promoting healthy living, take it upon themselves to close a sports facility for what can only be described as spurious reasons prompted by the NIMBYistic tendencies of a few (probably well healed) residents.
    In addition they are not only putting downward pressure on the local economy, but also damaging a business at a time when there are more than enough going to the wall.
    This decsion appears to be ill-founded, damaging to the local population and economy and I am sure if it were the bowls, croquet, tennis or clay pigeon shooting club would not be an issue.
    The council need to reconsider this imediately before it is too late.

    Neil Jones

  2. Jeff Says:

    That’s bulls**t !! So out of all the problems in the Slough and Datchet area the council decides to close one of, if not the nicest recreational parks in the area. Good going, now i know why I left the UK.

  4. radderz Says:

    Britain is closed for business.

    Lets all just get fat and sign on.


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