Hello and welcome to the all-new Alliance UK website.

You probably noticed that the website has been a little sparse on updates since the end of last season, and while there were many contributing factors involved, we are sorry for leaving you uninformed and without entertainment to get you through those cold winter days. But we are here to tell you that things are changing for the better, and they are changing in a huge way. When we said ‘Welcome to the all-new Alliance’, we meant it literally.

Alliance Wakeboard Magazine has been a crucial part of the UK wakeboard industry and the sport as a whole for the past seven years, and we have enjoyed many good times with everyone involved. But things can always be better, so rather than simply carrying on with the same old tried and true format, everything about Alliance has changed except for one thing – the quality.

There is so much happening within wakeboarding, wakeskating, cable riding and winching that we could not feed it to you fast enough, but thanks to our new website and format you will now be the first to know everything. The internet is the future and we are going to push it harder than any other wake magazine, with fresh content uploaded every single day that not only informs and entertains you, but involves you. We won’t reveal everything now, but you won’t want to miss a single day on the site this week as the new format and features roll out for your brains to feed off.

In order to truly update Alliance, changes had to take place from the ground up, with new staff and a new company running the show. We received plenty of messages about the departure of Sim Bradley and Tim Woodhead when they left Sensation Group and the magazine at the end of last year, and after a short time it became clear that Alliance was missing something crucial. We have worked tirelessly to rectify this and we are very pleased to welcome back not only the Editor-In-Chief and the Operations Manager, but also the new partners of Alliance UK, Sim Bradley and Tim Woodhead.

This restructure of the business and the brand is a radical move that will see both Alliance and wakeboarding as a whole, move into the future and grow to tremendous new levels in editorial quality and global notoriety. Alliance has always been dedicated to promoting the lifestyle and movement of wakeboarding and wakeskating, with you, the readers and the riders, at the heart of it all. The new Alliancewake.co.uk site is your way of getting involved, with the new comments feature and Facebook integration enabling you to share the articles you love with your friends, and also let us know what you think of everything. We also have plenty of content planned that you can join in on, and with the weekly features updating and entertaining you every day of the week, you are going to have to find a way of keeping your boss or your teachers distracted for a little longer, as our homepage is going to take up a lot of your time.

Of course publishing is a huge part of Alliance and we could never take that away, even though the internet is a faster and more efficient way of presenting content. Because of this we are going to promote the website as the principle outlet of Alliance UK, and so you are not reading ‘old news’ by the time the next issue comes out, we are only going to print one magazine a year. But this is will be no ordinary magazine, Alliance Wake is a collectors edition ‘Annual’ style book that will cover wakeboarding and wakeskating with even higher quality photos, editorial features, interviews and information, than we have ever produced before.

These are just a few of the incredible new plans we have for Alliance in the UK and more will become clear as the season moves on. We are all hugely excited about the new website and format as well as expanding the Alliance brand, and if today marks the start of something huge, just wait and see what tomorrow will bring!


Alliance MultiMedia US / UK

Bill McCaffray – Founder, Alliance Wakeboard Magazine / Alliance MultiMedia (USA)

Sim Bradley – Editor-In-Chief, Alliance UK

Tim Woodhead – Operations Manager, Alliance UK