Nothing says danger like a nice pair of jorts

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1. Where did the nickname “Danger” come from?

Shane Bonifay: This was back in Georgia on the PWT a couple years ago. Murray was riding against me in a heat and he got knocked the F out. And then the next day Dean Smith knocked himself out while riding against me. Dan-O came up with it.

2. What made you want to move back to the ‘hood?

SB: Because the ‘hood is good.

3. Who has the best ‘stache in the industry?

SB: It’s kind of a toss up…. Obviously there’s Josh McWilliams, but then you’ve also got Panakos. And not just their ‘staches; those guys can grow some beards. I’m also a big fan of Ruck’s really patchy goatee thing. Either one of those three. They take the cake in my book.

4. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

SB: Probably a casino or skydiving.

5. What are you looking forward to about the upcoming season?

SB: I’m throwing my own contest. Shane Bonifay’s Pachanga. It’s gonna be down in Mexico, it’s during my birthday, and it’s a rail contest with the best rails ever. Keep your eyes peeled for more info soon.

6. Favorite hobby outside of wakeboarding?

SB: Golf or just surfing the web, man.

7. What’s up with Pointless these days, anything in the works?

SB: Yeah, everybody’s riding and we’re talking about doing another video soon. Everybody’s really just being as badass as they normally are; we just need to capture it on film.

8. What are you gonna have for lunch?

SB: I’m sitting in my boat about to eat a Firehouse sub, with about five extra pickles because the dude behind the counter totally hooked it up.

9. What’s one wakeboard video you could watch over and over?

SB: Right now, the Parks Doc. But of all time probably Spray or Incomplete…

10. What would Jesus do?

SB: I think he’d party. And he’d help Haiti, too.

Shane Danger keeping it steezy