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If you’ve been reading Alliance Wakeboard Magazine this past summer or paying any attention to the website, then you undoubtedly know about Arnette’s contest: a day of riding with Scott Byerly and Randall Harris. Yes, the Godfather and Vandall, in the same place at the same time, and you get to kick it with them. For free. Pretty sweet, right? Damn right it’s sweet. When are you ever going to get the chance to personally hang out and ride with Scott AND Randall at the same time?!?! Probably never. So here’s laughing at you jokers who looked the contest over and didn’t think to enter… HAAHAHAHA…

Two lucky winners were chosen from the masses and flown to Orlando last weekend courtesy of Arnette, but before they arrived Scott and Randall and some of us lucky media folk were treated to a private cable session at McCormick’s. There’s nothing like having a cable park full of rails, jibs, and kickers to yourself… When the winners arrived we spent all day Saturday shredding at OWC, both behind the boat and on the cable, all thanks to another legend of the sport, Cobe Mikacich. The dudes who became bros were Kevin Knopf of Arizona and Jeff Mile of Toronto, Canada. Let’s just say the boys not only got hooked up with an all-expenses paid trip that let them kick it with Scott and Randall, but they also got some pretty sweet prize packages.

Of course the weekend was a blast. The guys got to hang out on the boat and shred, get some personal pointers while on the cable from Cobe, watch Randall ride like only Randall can, and just kick it and enjoy the warm Orlando weather. Big thanks to Cobe Mikacich for hooking it up at OWC, as well as to Arnette for putting on a rad weekend. Stay tuned to the site for a video from the weekend, as well as to the magazine for more from the weekend with the legends.




Ride with Cobe


Hanging with Scott and Randall