Every year Active Watersports in Portland, OR host “The evening with the Stars” event where wakeboard fans can come hang out with the pro’s and score some insane deals on the latest products. This year was no different. Danny Harf, Kevin Henshaw, Aaron Rathy, Andrew Adams (shredtown), myself and Special guest Rusty Malinoski all made it out to the event to spend time with the people who enjoy our products the most. Giveaways, autographs, and an overload of “dude” “Bro” and “sick” terminology made up this year’s event.


Harf and Rathy moving product.


Andrew Adams and the Shredtown crew are officially famous thanks to the internet.


The Shredtown Edition Recoil by Slingshot

Danny Harf’s inside scoop on his new project “Defy.”

Rusty’s skin tight jeans.

Our Slingshot board giveaway was finally won by someone who may actually wakeboard…and she was hot.

We ‘re all invited to ride Rathy’s new skateramp!  (he didn’t actually mention this but I’m going anyways.)