“I spent 12 days in New Zealand earlier this year, heading from Auckland to the South Islands. The idea was to pack my boards and search out riding spots.
I hooked up with Hamish Bourke of husslife.com, Ekke Eller and the 12 day trip began. I will definitely be making more trips to New Zealand.
End of this week, I will head to Ireland as a second part of this project.
Today also marks my Grandmas 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma 🙂
Special thanks to Rip Curl and Spy for their support of this project. Thanks also to Andy Kolb putting all my clips together for this edit.
Thanks also to those who have helped make this project work – Hamish Bourke, Ekke
Eller, Leon Parkin, Shaun Wijnstok, Dean Spence, Brad Smeele, Mitch Langfield and Trevor Bashir.” – Daniel Grant

Video from Daniel Grant
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