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Mitch is a no BS type of guy. He speaks his mind and really doesn’t give a shit what you think. For that we applaud him, and also for the fact that he is currently “rippin and tearin'” the park scene down in AUS. 


1. You seem to be on a bit of a hot streak lately, what’s fueling the fire?

Nothing! Contests suck – everyone gets weird and fake… I just do them to pay my rent. So I guess being broke is fueling the fire! Haha.



2. You started to make a name for yourself primarily as a boat rider, but recently have been more of a cable guy. Why the change of heart?

Dude have you seen how everyone rides boat these days?! It looks like trampolining! So gay! I think parks are the shit because it’s like a skate park vibe. Show up, ride, chill, leave when you want and it doesn’t cost much. That and I just have no urge to ride boat.



3. The wrap handle seems to be opening a lot of new doors for you, have you been working on anything new lately?

Yeah, wrap handles are one of the best things that happened to wakeboarding.  I don’t like the idea of having to stop grabbing to pass the handle. I’ve come up with this way to wrap up; it looks like you’re in a straight jacket or giving yourself a hug, but it allows you to grab the board all the way through tricks like a backside 5… I shot with Brett Hemmings the other day and we shot a sequence of a TS BS 9 that I grabbed indy for 5 frames. It will be in the new WAKE mag Australia.



4. Have injuries changed the course of your career in any way over the years?

Yeah for sure. If I blew my right knee out again there’s no way I’d be wakeboarding! I just have to be super careful or as careful as I can with some of the things I hit.



5. How has the Australian wakeboard scene changed since you started?

There used to be a huge boat scene, but I think it died a bit because all the contest either stopped happening or got shut down. We started getting crowds of 10,000 people at Wake Wars then the next year it was like boat riding didn’t exist. The only things worth going to in AUS are the rail jams that Mick Neville puts on. Without him wakeboarding would suck in Australia!



photo by Chris O’Shea


6. You’ve been riding a Humanoid lately, is this a new sponsor or are you still working with Byerly Boards?

Just signed to Humanoid this week, I’m super pumped to be a part of this team! Trevor Bashir and Chris O’shea are two of my favorite riders and also good mates! It’s good to come straight into a team and feel comfortable. Thanks Scott Byerly for all your help, I had a sick time!



7. Who has been the biggest influence on your riding lately?

Trevor Bashir, Chris O’Shea, Brenton Priestly, Shane Bonifay, Kaesen Suyderhoud , and Marc Rossiter!



8. What’s your take on double flips? What beats them and what doesn’t? Are they just hype?

I’ve spoken to almost everyone that can do double cab rolls, and every one of them says it’s easy it’s just commitment! I think Brenton’s method backside 180 is way harder, way cooler, and would beat a double all day if I was judging.



9. Now that virtually everyone can do a 9 off a kicker, what does it really take to be a pro? What separates pros from Joes?

I’ve tried answering this question so many times and it just leads to me writing people off. Can I just say confidence???




10. What can we expect to see from you in 2013?

I’ll be over in America in April, Humanoid has given me a video budget so I’m going to Vegas to party… Haha, I’m not that cool… I’m actually going to Europe for their contest season and to film for a edit!