Riders from several Texas schools including UTSA, SHSU, Texas Tech and Texas A&M came out the Bethy Creek Resort to battle it out on the cable on March 26th. Wakeboarding clubs from The University of Texas San Antonio and Sam Houston State came together to bring an awesome cable competition with bigger and better prizes than some of the regional competitions.  The classes were stacked and the competition was fierce as riders in the Novice and Womens class competed for 250 dollars cash money from Endless Ride Cable Systems. Riders in the Advanced and Wakeskate class also took home some awesome prizes thanks to Riptank Boardshop, Stamina Clothing Co., and Bethy Creek Resorts. 2nd place riders took home 50 bucks thanks to Buywake.com, and every person in attendance went home with a 10% off certificate. Camp Wake and Stamina Co. rewarded the 3rd place riders with a pair of Reef Sandals and t-shirt/sticker packs. The riding in each class was extremely competitive with only 4 riders advancing to the finals in each class. UTSA rider Chase Thomas took home first place in the novice class with some smooth rail riding, and a huge tantrum mid run. In the advanced class SHSU’s Aaron Snow landed on the top of the podium with a huge Moby Dick and some gnarly rail combo’s. In the wakeskate class SHSU’s Quinn Kauffman scored a 1st place with some clean shuv’s and kicker work. The woman’s class brought some stiff competition between the riders with UTSA’s Alex Miller taking home a first place with some dancing grinds on the BCR slider and clean kicker attempt. There were a few side competitions that were a lot of fun and brought entertainment for everyone. Riders got on a wakeskate and hurled themselves off of the SHSU kicker to see how far they could fly. Aaron Snow took home 40 bucks with a distance of 53 feet! Another competition was Big Air off of the same kicker. Riders charged the kicker and flew with huge raley’s and grabs. But Peyton Vickers took home the win and 50 dollars with the biggest raley the park had ever seen. Overall, the Inaugural Dockside Collegiate Cable Jam was a huge success. Between riders from other schools coming together and forming new friendships, and some awesome cable riding we can be sure to see this competition again next year. We would also like to thank Redbull for providing the energy to keep the riders on the water, Dockside Marine for providing a Super Air Natique 210 for the double up portion, Endless Ride Cable Systems for providing a flawless cable system and 250 dollars for our winners, and Bethy Creek Resorts in Riverside Texas for hosting the event.


- 1st place: Chase Thomas (UTSA
)- 2nd place: Hunter Adams (SHSU)
- 3rd place: Brian LaBarbera (UTSA)

- 1st place: Aaron Snow (SHSU) 
- 2nd place: John Phillips (UTSA) 
- 3rd place:  Trevor Akers  (Texas A&M)

Wake Skate
- 1st place: Quinn Kauffman (SHSU) 
- 2nd place: John Phillips (UTSA)
- 3rd place: Gage Fugler (SHSU)

- 1st place: Alex Miller (UTSA)
- 2nd place: Christian Trenno’ (UTSA)
- 3rd place: Ashley Ferangi (SHSU)