May 25th, 2012 by alliance

Every year the WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association) holds a winter gathering to bring all of the industry heads together to discuss the state of the industry and create new ways to grow the sports we love. These events are traditionally held as far from any rideable body of water as possible, deep in the mountains. At these conference there are a ton of meetings and panels to be a part of, so in traditional Alliance fashion we host a session of our own; The Alliance Chinese Downhill. This was the 3rd time running the event, the conditions and course were challenging and the competitors were fierce and nasty.

Thank you to GoPro & Oakley for their support again this year. Check out the video to see who won the 2012 Alliance Chinese Downhill. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “2012 Alliance Chinese Downhill”

  1. john Says:

    Don the DONN!!

  2. hmmm. Says:

    why would any of you ski..

  3. TBRL Says:

    just so you have something to post negatively about! hmmm=douche!

  4. Don Says:

    hahaha… such a good time! Thanks for putting it on again this year Alliance! Gotta represent for the Maniac Tour! And for my friend “hmmm”… Sorry that you don’t approve but I’m OK with not being as cool as you as long as I’m still having a blast!

  5. Rob Corum Says:

    Yea boys! Thanks for the fun jam.


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