September 20th, 2012 by alliance

Check out all the action from the first ever Alliance Method contest that went down in Orlando,FL. Read the full story in the newest issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.

23 Responses to “2012 Alliance Wake Method Contest Video”

  1. John Says:

    I feel like methods look better off a straight wake rather than the double up. Id rather see someone charge the wake with a lot of speed and float the grab into the flats rather than getting booted straight up and down off the double up. It seems that without the line tension it just doesnt look as good. Just my opinion.

  2. Robert Absher Says:

    You shoulda stuck my backpack camera on these methoders to really get a cool and unique looking angle

  3. humpf Says:

    nobody got booted, if they did it wake to wake possibility is they would’ve gone bigger than all that… missed JD’s and benny g methods, off the wake they would win it for sure

  4. poopy pants Says:

    Ya we want fat air bro! The fatter the air the better!!

  5. rightsaidfred Says:

    Yeah Humph, Where has Benny G been? I haven’t seen a web video of him all summer

  6. Best Coast Says:

    Why didn’t RANDALL ride?

  7. Florida Says:

    good thing Randall was a judge, otherwise it wouldn’t have been a contest.

  8. Florida Says:

    its funny to watch how much pros struggle with this move

  9. Texas Says:

    no one even tried to cut hard at one and take it big

  10. ! Says:

    twelker would’ve stomped this contest! best method out there

  11. hii Says:

    Chris O got the proper one ! And Raph D too

  12. alrighty Says:

    i love that they say the method IS wakeboarding, when really you ask any snowboarder and they’ll say the same thing. don’t get me wrong i love wakeboarding too, but they just took it from snowboarding, where you can float it wayyyy longer!


  13. jamie Says:

    they all took it from skateboarding alrighty!

  14. Justin H. Says:

    Methods are a great photo trick and tough to make look good on video (Ennen’s was nice).

    No matter how hard I try even my best methods start strong and finish with frantic arm flapping. But for that 1000th of a second I look like a beast.

  15. heh Says:

    Looks like almost everyone thought it was a method glide contest… Glad a flat one won.

  18. Robert Asher Fan Says:

    More Back pack cam!!!!!

  19. Tommy J Says:

    Its crazy how people think Watson is a style guy, but he can’t even do a proper method. I only saw two solid methods, and they were both from ennen.

  20. Goonie Says:

    actually really liked Shane’s first method 2:08

  21. Joe Says:

    Rusty in a method contest… That’s just funny! That would be like Oli Derome in a Tall contest or a black man in a white contest… Valiant effort but Rusty will never be able to have style like a west coaster ie. Mikey Ennen

  22. watson Says:

    watson has style and can do proper methods.. just because he didnt do it in a contest doesnt mean he cant do one.

  23. snowboard is cool Says:

    Shane bonifay had a good one. They need to stretch out thier back leg more. Nobody won in my book.


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