March 18th, 2012 by The Intern

With Spring right around the corner, and summer following close behind, it is time to break out this years “Boardshort Preview.” 2012 is the year of the infinite stretch and seamless comfort. With every brand pouring all of their finances into boardshort R&D it is no wonder why this years preview is packed full of surprises. Check out which styles tickle your fancy from the brands below and look out next week for part two of this years “Boardshort Preview.”


MSRP: $65


“Contender Strip”    “HD2 Velocity”     “Hero Blend”

MSRP: $53            MSRP: $90         MSRP: $57

NIKE “Legacy GS”

MSRP: $125

O’NEILL “Hyper Freak XT2″

MSRP: $100

FOX “Optima”

MSRP: $99.50


“My Name is Plaid Stripe”

MSRP: $90


“Gnarwal”         “Era Classic”         “Era Classic”

MSRP: $69       MSRP: $45           MSRP: $45



7 Responses to “2012 Boardshort Preview – Part 1”

  1. Eum Says:


  2. Drew Weatherford Says:

    6.0’s are deeeoooopppeeee brand dooo

  3. Steven Says:

    Alpine Stars HD boardshorts are the best I’ve ever worn. They hold up extremely well to abuse at the cable park and are light as a feather. You won’t be disappointed!

  4. Joe Says:

    125.00 for shorts that were made by chinese children… No thanks!

  5. haha Says:

    Alpine star is a motocross brand not even one good wakeboarder on their team

  6. nomn Says:

    @haha says…exactly alpine stars? fox? these are moto companies…you guys need to review the companies that started in wake like ten 80 or steez clothing!!!

  7. Levan King-Cranston Says:

    i got the jetpilot gamechanger and they are really sick.


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