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We’re not really ones to toot our own horn… Wait, who are we kidding? Yes we are. Anyway, (beep-beep) we think our covers from 2013 were exceptionally awesome (beep-beep), thanks mainly to the riders and photographers who made them possible. From one of the gnarliest rail hits ever seen courtesy of Chris Abadie and Bryan Soderlind, to a carve through some cranberries thanks to Ben Horan and Ryan Taylor (which, by the way, was also selected as one of the 50 images for Red Bull Illume 2013), to a photo from Josh Twelker and Rodrigo Donoso on the infamous Delta unlike any ever snapped before, to a brand new, jaw-dropping trick from Rusty Malinoski and Garrett Cortese… 2013 was filled with eight insane covers. With that we’d like to find out which one you like best. Take a browse below and then vote for your favorite. If you want to tell us why you voted the way you did, leave a comment!


#1) Dec/Jan — Rider: Chris Abadie    Photographer: Bryan Soderlind



#2) Feb/Mar — Rider: Collin Harrington    Photographer: Collin Harrington




#3) April — Rider: Derek Cook    Photographer: Rodrigo Donoso


#4) May — Rider: Ben Horan    Photographer: Ryan Taylor



#5) June — Rider: Alex Graydon    Photographer: Chris Garrison



#6) July — Rider: Josh Twelker    Photographer: Rodrigo Donoso



#7) Aug/Sept — Rider: Rusty Malinoski    Photographer: Garrett Cortese




#8) Oct/Nov — Rider: Dieter Humpsch    Photographer: Bryan Soderlind


Which cover is the best from 2013?

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7 Responses to “2013 Alliance Covers”

  1. Austin Oswell Says:

    I voted for rusty because he’s my favorite rider and he’s been killing it or years. He’s a super hard working guy and hey, who doesn’t love those new Roswell Neptune speakers?

  2. T Says:

    I voted Josh twelker he kills it, has so much style, and a rad guy!

  3. Kitty Trautwein Says:

    Alex Graydon gets my vote. I have seen him ride in person and he is awesome!! There is not a trick in the book he can not do. Plus he is great eye candy!

  4. CT Says:

    #5. One footed

  5. CJ Lancione Says:

    #6 Rodrigo and Josh!

  6. A. Jolstine Says:

    As a professional photographer and boarder, not even close Garrison overrules the sun with strobe turning daytime into night, Graydon does what he does best, raises the bar. Very EDGY.

  7. Who's a joistine Says:

    Funny A. Joistine I’ve never seen your work on either end of the lens… Garrison is sick but this shot is at night bud.


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