January 2nd, 2014 by Submitted

Here’s a look back at JB O’Neill’s year of wake shredding. Enjoy!

Video from hamnerandpals

18 Responses to “2013 with JB O’Neill”

  1. ok Says:

    Female Gymnast

  2. jazza Says:

    lol this kid should not wakeboard, especially on rails

  3. Okay. Says:

    JB can shred. you morons are ridiculous.

  4. WVU mountaineer Says:

    huge fan of JB and I hope he gets bigger. hes a good follow on instagram too, looks like he’s always ballin out on shit.

  5. Justin Harrelson Says:

    JB rips and is only getting better. It is always fun to watch him ride.

  6. wakeboarder Says:

    good stuff bro! fun to watch, looks like it was a fun year

  7. elvis Says:

    Awesome video!! Excellent riding and so well rounded on all mediums, boat/cable/rails… He’s even making the quarter pipe look cool, which i wasn’t sure was even possible

  8. Spencer T Says:

    You kooks are ridiculous, JB shreds gnar!

  10. BAM Says:

    that was sick!! always fun to watch JB ride!

  11. oh Says:

    first comment is right this guy loves the erection feeling of spinning wildy

  12. Sweg Says:

    he needs to learn when to shoot, all the lighting is shit and hard to see what he is really doing…

  13. JB ONeill Says:

    Thanks for the love guys, it means a lot !

    sorry sweg for the lighting, keep in mind that me nor my friends are by any means professional videographers, thanks for the advice though i will definitely try to get better lighting in the future.

    as for the haters… i guess for my next video i will just do a bunch of nose presses and 180s to keep you guys happy. as i progress my riding i will try my best to grab my harder tricks and hopefully make them look better and more legit.

    anyways thanks for all the comments, i am always about improving my riding to please you guys as well as myself.

    happy shredding!

  14. BJ ONIELL (the real slim shadey) Says:

    hey boi’s this is really me. just beieber oniell! I got a hard on for the first s spinny thing I ever saw and since that day ive want sexual relations with boys that do big supermans! if you guys don’t like my riding then pshhh haters to da side!!! im in the club high on purp with my shades on! tatted up mini skirt with some J’s on!

  15. John Dreiling Says:

    I know im a little late here but super sweet edit!! Nice to see you pushing it in all aspects of the tricks. Such a well rounded rider. I always enjoy the edits you do and the edits you are in. YEWWWWWW!!

  16. Haters=jealous Says:

    I’m also late here but what the fuck is wrong with you hater ass fucks it pisses me off so much to see such a solid edit of hits and you stupid fucks got nothing but some negative shit to say. What is the world coming to bunch of keyboard tuff guys that in actuality could prolly do 10% off this. It’s gay that you can hide behind some meaningless bullshit no name secretive comments. Alliance change the commentator please for the new year because I know not one of theses pussy fucks would back there shit up with there name. Fuck you first comment fuck you second comment jb your cool I’m out!

  17. LoneStarStateofWake Says:

    That cat has big brass clangy ones, puttin shit deep into the flats. I dont know what you Americans consider cool, but here in Texas: Ridin hard, having fun, share the love… all super cool.

    That is the fist time i have ever seen the Quarter pipe look cool.

  18. Mark DeVelde Says:

    Killing it JB!!! dope edit too bro


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