2016 Nautique G23 and G25 Reveal

Austin, TX
With Austin, TX being the nation’s melting pot for all things music and vibe, naturally Nautiques chose this location to reveal its newly evolved and tuned flagship boats: the G23 and 25. As most of us know the G series boats made a massive statement when they first hit the scene a few years ago, bringing arguably the largest wakeboarding wake and tunable wakesurfing wake to the market. JD’s wake at the moment is legendary in size and Mike Dowdy’s video section for X Game’s Real Wake happening now is absurd. If you haven’t watched it or read something about it you’ve been living in a dark, isolated cave.
So how can you improve what’s debatably the best? Well, simple; by taking some of the strong points and asking if can make them better. That answer is yes. At the hart of the G series boats is its hull and how it can displace an extraordinary amount of water while keeping drivability in check for Mom, Dad and possibly the absent-minded professional athlete. While the average G series owner is quite happy with everything she does, athletes will always tend to push the limits by adding ridiculous amounts of additional weight on top of the factory ballast. That’s just what they do. What Nautiques found was the ever so popular wakesurf wave and drivability was getting somewhat compromised by doing so. Hence the newly designed NSS system and transom to match. Challenge solved, including keeping the wakeboarding wake at its already legendary status. In addition you can now swap the wave from side-to-side at an amazing speed. Tommy Czeshin is going bananas. This and the Pebble watch gives the surfer complete control of the wave, boat speed, transferring and tunes while you happily shred your face off. We particularly like the countdown vibration in the watch.

A new partnership with JL Audio, one of the audio industry’s top quality brands, brings a matching level of audio control to the table and PCM has mated their newly developed H5 and H6 DI power plants to the G series boats. More power and more efficiency is the heart of PCM’s strongest offerings to date.
Yes, yes, yes; numbers and numbers. All of these details can be found here.
Here’s what you need to know. The 2016 Nautique G series boats are truly better than their predecessor, unfathomable as this might seem. The surf wave is bigger, its faster to swap sides, the overall interior has been upgraded, the motor is more powerful and more fuel efficient, the audio inside the boat is quite possibly the best we’ve heard and the interface and controllability for everything is… better. Above and beyond the reveal was in downtown Austin, TX. It’s no secret we at Alliance like to have a good time and this was truly, truly a good time. Cheers.