_DSC1662Canadian vs. Australian. Who you got? Photos: Donoso

After the wind had died down at the 2nd stop of the 2017 Nautique Series this past weekend in Orlando, Fl we had a chance to look back on the weekend. Pro Men had every semi-final heat looking like a final, but it was Mike Dowdy and Harley Clifford battling it out with double flips and 900’s in every direction. Guenther Oka proved that he is the man to beat this year in Jr. Pro Men after taking down the Aussie groms. For the ladies, Giorgia Gregorio fought through and got her first win of the Nautique Wake Series after a fourth place finish at the first stop in Melbourne, Australia. With crowds lining the shore all weekend long it was no wonder why we saw the level of riding we did. With three more stops on the series, no overall title is safe. The next Nautique event is going down at Callaway Gardens for the Masters, Memorial Day weekend May 25-29th.

The 2017 Nautique Wake series returns August 3-6 to Ackworth, Ga for the National Championship and finishes up at the World Championships in Toronto Canada August 24-27.

Gunther Oka cooling the fans off after taking the W for the Jr. Pro Men.

Free ice cream and slip and slides for everyone!

Ramie Rutledge stoked on her ride

Noah Flegel permanently has a smile on his face.


Gunner Daft stoked on being back in a jersey and competing with the rest of the Pro Men.

Gordon Harrison making contest riding look good!

Squad goals on the dock.

TI with the consistency

Golf clap for the boys

Mike Dowdy at the office on a Sunday.

Reactions from Shota taking a digger.