February 13th, 2013 by alliance

Just a quick 52 seconds with Mike Dowdy doing his thing… With a little treat at the end for you!

34 Responses to “52seconds With Mike Dowdy”

  1. SAS Says:

    Nice riding…too bad the kid is a total douche.

  2. Jamie Graff Says:

    Dirty! W2W double cab roll!!!

  3. Live2ride Says:

    Unfortunately the troll is right. I met that guy and he was so full of himself, like because he wakeboards well his s#*t doesn’t stink. Hopefully one day some of these kids will learn they’ll ultimately be judged on more than their riding.

  4. Corey Says:

    I’ve heard he’s a straight douche too

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Troll is correct. Straight douche

  6. Jordan Says:

    Yeah but Mike wouldn’t talk shit on someone he’s never met anonomously online. That takes a whole different level type of douche bag. Especially since I am sure you guys have never met him. And most peoples memories are faulty anyway. And ask anyone who actually knows him and they will tell you he is the single raddest person in wakeboarding right now. And the people you guys think are so “awesome” are actually douchebags hiding it. Atleast Mike never pretends to be someone he’s not like all the others. And stands up for what he believes in.

  7. Live2ride Says:

    Wow Jordan, sounds like a serious man crush you have going for your boy! Way to stick up for your homie….or have you never met him either??

    Enough of this, let’s get back to wake talk!

  8. AJ Says:

    @live2ride @corey @anonymous. Your a fagget. You met him one time and your going to say all these things about the kid. The difference between you and him is that he is actually making a living off this sport, where are you at? You have never made it in wakeboarding and probably never will. If he is a complete douche he would have the sponsors he does now. So go head and talk all this crap behind a screen but I’m sure if you were to see him around you wouldn’t go say that to his face

  9. Live2ride Says:

    AJ…you need to work on your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Also consider the fact that your statements are somewhat hypocritical, as I’m sure you would have a tough time saying these things to one’s face, beyond the “screen” of the interweb. Furthermore, what’s wrong with a 9-5 gig?? How do you pay your bills? Or are you unemployed since you obviously lack an education, which was made more than apparent by your composition skills. To top it off, you sound homophobic as well. Congrats….you have stolen the crown of douchery from Dowdy!!

  10. Hey Says:

    The good thing is this sect of the wakeboard industry (boat riding) is waning. Boat manufacturers will learn soon that paying so many athletes has little to no impact on sales.

  11. Rumor Mill Says:

    I heard he kicks cats…

  12. riley Says:

    Lot’s of flippy spinnys

  13. don kking Says:

    whether he’s a lil punk or not keep dreaming of his life faggots.

  15. Jacob Valdez Says:

    You don’t really know him and your gonna call him names? That’s not cool.. I lived with him for about 3 months and he’s not like that what so ever. Dowdys the man. He’s just a #YoungGoHard. Sick vid Fam

  16. Kyle Woehler Says:

    Grabbed doubles off the wake shouldn’t look that easy. Killing it bro, keep it up.

  17. Michael Williams Says:

    That kid is ridiculous! He makes everything look unique and like he didn’t even try!!

  18. Ryan Says:

    Live2ride is trying hard as shit.

  19. CM Slocum Says:

    I look forward to the Harley & Mike progression sprint over the next few years. Gonna be a great show to watch.

    Live, learn, ride, repeat. Make no mistake we are not mistake free. Judge and be judged…

  20. John Says:

    Dirty Mike killen it

  21. FlyZone Costa Rica Says:

    Damn. Dudes. Really? What really matters: the video is only 51 seconds long. Not 52. Damn liars. What a waste.

  22. blake Says:

    you all need to make a house video and have me come down to film it. hit me up

  23. douche Says:

    That a redbull sticker? Looks like that “douche” has wings

  24. Thomas Says:

    I’ve met him and talked and he is a raaad!!! He’s not the selfish douchebag you guys want to say. He’s actually really good at what he does and he loves it! Don’t call him names on internet that’s the worse thing you could do for yourself…. I mean what does it gives to you to call him like that?
    Does it relieves a bit of your jealousy?

  25. burt Says:

    ^ I love lamp.

  26. Charlton Says:

    sick vid man! This kids gonna do some big things for the sport!

  27. rightsaidfred Says:

    Well said lamp!

  28. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    Sounds like a lot of butthurt people out there… Sick riding! #hatersgonnahate

  29. porn Says:

    That was the sickest double mute switch cab back roll 180 to revert Iv’e ever seen!

  30. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Who cares if he is a douche or not…his riding is ridiculous…what are you guys trying to date him or something?! Just appreciate the sick double flip and mobe 7’s!!

  31. Jason Callen Says:

    Kid has been out my way many times. I’ve never gotten a bad vibe from him. Granted he is a kid and probably doesn’t fully get importance of always being on point when your in the limelite. We all fall short of the glory of god

  32. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    dang dude, there’s some mad hate on this video… mikes the coolest douche i know! sick riding dude, screw the haters!

  33. haters gonna hate Says:

    All the haters gonna hate. I grew up riding with Dowdy in Michigan and I still hang out with him and he is by far on of the nicest kids in the sport with great values and will do anything to help someone one out . He will be killing it for years to come, so let all the haters hate who actually don’t know him.

  34. David Mullis Says:

    i just want you to know i crapped my pants…


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