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Another short mind blowing video of Harley Clifford.

Video by: J.B. Oneill

Another short mind blowing video of Harley Clifford.
Video by: J.B. Oneill

18 Responses to “8 Tricks with Harley Clifford”

  1. Michael Says:

    Just Ridiculous!!!

  2. hmmm. Says:

    is this the trailer for the new transformers video?

  3. jack Says:

    do you really call this an edit? more like a dubstep slow motion blur

  4. steven Says:

    such a sick video! the song and smooth riding makes him seem like a machine

  5. Nelson Says:

    do more simple poked out grabs please.

  6. Style please. Says:

    All those tricks look the same. Take some spins out, Grab the board, lengthen the rope for 70 feet, don’t spin with strait legs. It’s a board sport not gymnastics.

  7. Michael Says:

    INSANE tech!

  8. Jamie Daniel Segner Says:

    Yeah, definitely lengthen the rope for 70ft.

  9. Trevor Bean Says:

    wow haters gonna hate, keep killin the game

  10. Wesley Powers Says:

    I love how you guys hate it that hes spins and flips to much….. Have u seen his melon 180 to rewind 3 landing blind…. Hes got both on lock I hope he kills philQ this year

  11. steveP Says:

    some of those tricks were the same… but switch!!! that was nuts. Harley has plenty of style but that doesn’t count for much in a contest run. i’d say he’s getting ready to kill phill soven on the tour this year.

  12. brandon Says:

    damn i can understand when people hate on my stuff but come on people.. he can grab every trick and poke out wake to wake toe 9s just watch his wake games run from 2011.. if you don’t have something good to say about his riding then keep it to yourself you jealous ass holes

  13. ben dover Says:

    I love how people are telling the best wake rider in the history of the sport to “lengthen the rope”……?

  14. Jamie Daniel Segner Says:

    ^ I was being insanely sarcastic to “Style”

  15. Bill Says:

    if you consider spinning and flipping as fast as you can the best wake riding then I guess you have a point

  16. Bill Says:

    I like how Surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders are open to constructive criticism and wakeboarders are such babies about others opinions. Its always… that was so sic bro… you’re awesome…man I wish I could flip and spin as much as you.

  17. TheSpangler Says:

    Ya Bill its called postivity, there are enough douchebags on the internet its nice to see Alliance has a positive community.

    Guys are hating on snowboarding now with the doubles and triples, but i think the progression is awesome, much like how flipping in and out grinds skating may not be stylish but its an awesome technical element now in the sport.

    Harley is awesome his nose grab mobe 5s are steezy as hell, he makes technical tricks look simple like that switch whirly dick. If you are gonna try and act all cool here lets see your footy where we can see how stylish you are otherwise keep to yourself.


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