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The CWB team spent a week in Northern California and rode for a day and a half….thanks to the craziest weather to hit California since the 1600s. They still killed it.

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8 Responses to “A Day And A Half With CWB”

  1. Corey Marotta Says:

    Bitchen song. Song name and inspiration?

  2. dan f Says:

    ha song took from a shredtown edit

  3. Pete Says:

    God bless CWB!! So sick

  4. Jessica Says:


  5. Vinny Armentano Says:

    Only 1.5 days??? Could you imagine if they had their full week to shoot? The steez would’ve crashed my computer lol

  6. lol Says:

    this was awful

  7. Steezus Christ Says:

    Steezy edit but done watching that glide twelker does. We have seen it a thousand times

  8. Rock Says:

    More Kasen next time, he is known for his park skills, but if you watch him on the goods vibes tour edit when they ride boat in the swamp, I think you will agree his boat skills are up there as well.


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