Everyone knows Aaron Grace right? Good. Aaron is in town this week for the Liquid Force Slide Show that’s happening at OWC on Saturday (noon kickoff, I’m told.) Anyhow, I always stay with Aaron when I go to California, and even though he’s staying somewhere else while he’s in town, we went out for a few drinks last night with Staker and some friends. And when I say a few drinks, I of course mean I woke up with no cash and an IHOP receipt in my pocket. We took cabs everywhere and were very responsible, so that’s a good lesson for you to follow. In one fine establishment, we ran into a guy named John who claims to have shot a man between the eyes. I didn’t really think that was appropriate conversation for an evening out, but John couldn’t have given a shit what I thought, and you don’t want to test a guy like that, just on the odd chance he’s actually telling the truth.

After waking up on a couch with my neck propped up on the arm rest all this morning I got involved in helping Aaron and Team Force building the rail for the Slide Show. First we had to go to Watson’s and tear his old one down, then to OWC to erect the new one. This was very dumb of me, because Aaron didn’t even ask me to be there. In fact, at the end of 8 hours working in the hot sun today with the tequila burps, all Grace asked was for me to write a web story.