July 19th, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

Amber takes us through how she dials in her new Malibu MXZ and takes a few sets with Scott Stewart. We had to dodge weather all day but we were able to get some solid riding from both.

33 Responses to “A Day With Amber”

  1. Caseofwake Says:

    That looks like an incredible wake…

  2. need more scott s. vids Says:

    Title this video “a day with Amber and Scott” and it will get a lot more views. Just sayin, We need more Scott Stewart videos!

  3. Wes Jenks Says:

    Amen to that last comment! More Scott stewart!!! Amber makes me want to hang up my board and quit riding lol

  4. Chris Says:

    We def need more vids of Scott he’s got natural talent and knows how to rip the wake like not other

  5. GMAN Says:

    Nice boat, nice ride by Amber. Scott Stewart is in a league of his own. Got to be the best rider out there- smooth as butter. Let’s see more video of Scott!

  6. Chris Says:

    No other*

  7. scott harwood Says:

    WoW! What kind of drugs are you on? Talking about camel dicks, sinking your boat and being a Quitter! WTF! You are lost…

  8. scott harwood Says:

    The other was deleted…delete me

  9. Gould Says:

    scotts stewarts knees are more of a myth then anything. Amber killing toe mel seven. and i agree more amber more scott

  10. yesyes Says:

    pause at 2:35. just damn. and I dont know what yall are talking about, amber killed it in this video, ts 7 was tits. her stalefish was damn interesting, she boned the hell out of her front roll… coulda done with out the indy tantrum doh

  11. yesyes Says:


  12. TheSpangler Says:

    Her stale was sick and so was his stale to fakie. And his nuclear tanny to b was dope.

  13. Toni Says:

    Amazing riding! Amber is awesome but need to see more of Scott. He’s incredible and the most gifted rider to date!

  14. Colin Says:

    Nothing better than seeing riders like Scott Stewart and dean smith ride. Only a handful of riders that keep it big, tech, and roots. Props to amber too. Escalating women’s riding. Thx for sharing the stoke.

  15. Broc Says:

    +1 for more scott stewart

  16. Not serious Says:

    Wakeboard needs more girls ridding, its a win win for the industry, guys and lesbians

  17. BAM Says:

    i guess there still making the nova core murray just for scott. sick grabbed 7 amber!

  18. Greg Says:

    Scott and Amber both kill it! We need more videos of Scott Stewart. He is such a great rider and goes so big with such great technique. More videos please!

  19. rob Says:

    Wow Scott is on another level!!

  20. Chirs C. Says:

    SUPERRRRRB Scotty ! Last Trick-Grab was Incredible ;-)

  21. W3ST SID3 Says:

    Scott is fighting tendinitis or somethin around the lines of that in his leg right now or I’m sure he’d be pumping out some new edits. Whole lotta fun to watch tho I agree!

  22. Forrest Baer Says:

    Great vid! So smooth, both of them. Keep em coming!

  23. John McCain Says:

    Best trick was a tantrum to blind? Two sevens and not a single mobe? Yeah, I see why he is considered pro. I also see why he got a video part on alliance. I guess all it takes now days is just knowing somebody…

  24. Coryc Says:

    Wow so you just gave away the fact you know nothing about wakeboarding. What can you do behind the boat? Scott came from nothing and built his own name. This was his dream and now he’s lucky enough to live it. And by the way., he goes bigger behind the boat than anybody I’ve ever seen. He will destroy you any day of the week.

  25. MicheleB Says:

    Scott is amazing, one of e best riders in the U.S. right now IMHO!

  26. Spudley Says:

    GREAT riding Scott, always look forward to see what you are up to!

  27. Dick cheney Says:

    Scott was chosen from his peers and became pro because of his riding and great attitude. He is on alliance and you aren’t because no one likes you, obviously and you are lame.

  28. Josh Says:

    Scott KILLS it in this one, and Amber is my favorite female rider out there right now. Wish I could afford that boat, damn that’s a good looking wake!

  29. Jenn Says:

    So nice to see girls out there killing it! Watching Amber ride is inspiring :)

  30. PJ Says:

    Awesome vid. Love the passion. Scott is so in the Zone. When he rides, it’s not only what you see, but you can feel it. He takes this sport to a whole new level.

  31. Nick G. Says:

    First time to this site, but the two are very talented. Seen many in my day, but Scott, my man, you get some sick air up there eh? Does anybody tell you what your alt is? But, most of all, it’s fun watching you ride cuz you’re in It. Heard about you Scott, and if you read this stuff, ignore the jonsen green fella, he’s clearly in your shadow. I think you’re totally in It, and I agree, you are the best I’ve seen, at least in the USA. Keep it up, hope to meet you at an event. I’d love to sponsor you, maybe talk some business??

  32. dudeman Says:

    Had the honor of riding behind that boat, and its hands-down the best wake I have ever ridden. The boat handles it very elegantly as well. Great video!

  33. darius Says:

    Nice. With another boat, this could be a pretty good action-movie trailer. And you’ve already got the stuntmen. :)


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