December 24th, 2012 by Submitted

Our friend from across the pond in England, Sam Carne spent a little time behind the boat for this fun little edit.

Video by: Magnetoscope

9 Responses to “Across The Pond: Sam Carne Boat Set”

  1. wake rider Says:

    i can’t watch the video……. is that just me?

  2. Wes p Says:

    No neither can I

  3. humpf Says:

    why ride such a small wake? that x2 can push more weight for sure

  4. Ricketts Says:

    lovin this guys style

  5. Ryan Says:

    humpf – maybe he doesn’t need too….

  6. Adam Fields Says:

    You don’t need a big wake to go huge! Check out my blog about this and safe yourself an injury –

    and watch the old videos like 12 Honkeys with Parks and Darin and others soaring!

  7. Adam Fields Says:

    However, when the temperature of the water drops it gets denser. The boat just physically doesn’t sit as deep in cold water. Thus not making as big of a wake. Even with the same amount of weight in the boat.

  8. jeff house Says:

    Yeah Sam! Need some WH footy in there.

  9. Devon Nassif Says:

    Yeah Sam!! Steez 4 Days!!! Nice!!


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