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Adam Errington and Red Bull team athlete Terry Adams bring two sports together for one photo

9 Responses to “Adam Errington Fusion”

  1. doucheman Says:

    that was gay. Adam is really bored

  2. killa Says:

    Red Bull= SUCKS.

    Please stop making “wakeboard” videos.

  3. daniel son Says:

    Errington was boosting!!

  4. FRANK Says:

    use all that cash to bring wakeboarding to new peeps through demos instead of 10000 dollar photo op days?

  5. Riley Says:

    @Frank, by combining a more popular sport this video may get seen by a whole new market that follows BMX. So by doing this shoot someone who has never seen wakeboarding may see it, thus they are growing the sport. Red Bull does more for Wakeboarding than any other Energy Drink brand.

  6. PHOTOS Says:

    They do this wild stuff…but I feel I never get to see the final results!!!! I want to see some of the shots!!!!

  7. FRANK Says:

    RILEY mayne, you ever even Been to a demo? the shits free.
    and everything i’ve ever seen red bull put money in to is straight privatized, whether it be a Cubed Pipe for that skiier, or Shawn’s private Pipe in Alaska or wherever, or the “elite” training they sometimes give to their surfers and other sponsored pros and let us unsponsored people watch. I’ve said the same thing about red bull to everyone who’s ever seriously talked with me about ridin’ sidewayz..but this kind of photo shoot just, once again, proved to me that red bull will throw cash at anything if it means theyre rep can”improve” on paper. How about some real life fun for the not-so-priveledged BESIDES those well paid hotties who crooz in da mini?

  8. FRANK Says:

    Im talking about more demos like Overton’s puts together, and Nautique and Slingshot had one like 2 weeks before them at the same Marina..and Overton’s has it annually now it seems like. THAT is how you get the public introduced, minus taking neighbors out on the bizoat

  9. shwack Says:

    wackboarding is a joke because of stuff like this. all the other industries are laughing so hard right now


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