September 5th, 2011 by alliance

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and bloggers, commenters and trollers… welcome to the second Alliance Photo Battle. Here before your e-viewing eyeballs are the first two competitors in this digital gauntlet, both hoping to continue on for a shot at the grand prize. In case you need a refresher, here’s how things are going to work.

- Two photos battle each week.

- Online viewers vote for the picture they think is best.

- Winning photo from each battle will be automatically entered into the final tournament.

- Losing photo will be forced to suffer in e-purgatory.

Start your MyBook/FaceSpace engines, ’cause the battling begins NOW!

To submit your photo for consideration please email

This week we bring you two similar photos of riders hitting a cable obstacle. You make the choice of who captured the moment of steeze better. Leave a comment if you like the photos or if you think you could do better….

Photo #1 Robin Mazurel 

Photo #2 Oliver Leyba

Which Photographer Deserves To Move On?

  • Photo #1 Robin Mazurel (55%, 277 Votes)
  • Photo #2 Oliver Leyba (45%, 231 Votes)

Total Voters: 508

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9 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: Mazurel vs Leyba”

  1. Maurice Says:

    Last time I checked that obstacle was white. Photo 1 wins it over too much of the photoshop in photo 2.

  2. 3rdCoast Says:

    Color is better and the subject is crisper in #2

  3. Esther Says:

    Do i need to say more? Look at the picture: 1 is for real and the best!

  4. Maurice Says:

    #1 lacks a bit of color, #2 has way too much color used in the wrong way.

  5. Nie Lse Says:

    No.1 is quite too dark…
    No.2 has a shitty great sky…

  6. Well Says:

    the first one is a quarterpipe. that’s rad

  7. johan Says:

    Foto 1: dikke poop
    Foto 2: a little from your vasjer.

  8. karl hamburg Says:

    I agree with johan.

  9. Jaap staman Says:

    I really, really like vasjers


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