July 27th, 2011 by alliance

Do you have a camera? Knew it! Bet you think you’re pretty good too (or at least sometimes you get lucky.) Well here’s your chance to show off your stuff. Introducing the Alliance Photo Battle.

The premise is simple: You submit your favorite wakeboard or wakeskating photo that you’ve taken. Photo Editor Garrett Cortese will pick two of similar style or subject matter, and they’ll face off for one week. The readers will vote, and whoever comes out on top continues on. A new battle begins each week!

To enter:

Please send your photo, 600 pixels wide and 72 dpi to photobattle@alliancewake.com. No more than 3 submissions per email, please.

If your photo is selected, we will notify you by email that you are in the battle! Good luck and happy shooting.

Voting in each battle lasts for one week, photos are posted on Monday and winners are decided on the following Sunday.


7 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle Round 2! Enter Now”

  1. yup Says:

    who won the video battle??

  2. yeah Says:

    How long do we have for submissions?

  3. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Couple weeks!

  4. Yuri Kazachkov [THM] Says:

    What’s the use of these battles if you never even announce the results!? Patrick, please let me know what you think about the results of video battle never got announced? These battles are a very good thing, but attitude has to be a bit different, imho.
    Thank you.

  5. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Yuri you won the Video. You know that…. We announced the results.

  7. Brmz Says:

    Link, please!!


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