Has anybody ever risen through the ranks of wakeboarding faster than Josh Twelker? Does he have the most insane bag of tricks? No, but he’s got a lot – and almost all of them he makes his own. Does he win every contest? No, but he’s won a decent amount and finished 4th in the Jr. Pro Men division of King of Wake. What Josh does have though is the attention of every other pro rider in the business. The kid from the Delta has quickly established himself not as one of the more stylish up-and-coming riders in the sport, but as one of the most stylish riders, period.

Josh is like this generation’s Ben Greenwood (with some better contest results… sorry, Benny!); he is putting his own signature twist on tricks and making them look totally unique with the way he grabs and pokes them. Plus he’s got some serious hammers, too. If you haven’t seen any of Josh’s riding yet, just search his name on the Alliance website and watch the multitude of videos that feature his signature style. One thing is for certain heading into 2012, we can’t wait to see more from young Josh Twelker.