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SMGwake has team up with Remedy Films for their 3rd annual team film. Following in suit with the previous two films “A Single Day” and “Magic Hour”, SMGwake has produced a local wake film that everyone will enjoy that rivals the films produced by big companies with big sponsors. While these guys may not top the podium on the PWT they show what wakeboarding is all about and that it’s All In Good Fun. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “#AllInGoodFun – SMG Team Video”

  1. Georgia Wakeboard Lessons Says:

    Great job guys! Awesome video all around.

    -Brandon Lee

  2. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    That was sick!! looked like to much fun! made me pumped to go shred!!
    Naice one!

  3. Chris Says:


  4. barret allen Says:

    Very cool! way to go guys

  5. Seth! Says:

    This could be up for video of the year in my opinion. Great work Remedy Films!

  6. Jamie Graff Says:

    Thanks for all the comments and support! We had fun producing this project!! Thanks everyone!

  7. CATS Says:

    This is wakeboarding! Loved the video, making me miss summer way too much

  8. bro Says:

    free good full-lengths, sweet! wake boarding is growing! good vid fellas

  9. Bs Says:

    What park tis this?


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