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Here is Hydrous Wake Park’s own rider Aidan Gunningham age 15. He is from Mckinney, Texas but rides mostly here at Allen Station.

17 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Aidan Gunningham”

  1. Jade Whirley Says:

    Yeah Dude!!! Good to see you progressing!!!

  2. kyle Says:

    that Indy tootsie at the end was gnar

  3. Jared Says:

    This is the gayest shit I’ve ever seen.

  4. JB ONeill Says:

    ya aidan!

  5. Jaredhasbabydick Says:

    Everyone leave Jared to me! Jared, can you do the stuff Aidan did in this segment? If yes then post it and I will never get on Alliance again and bow down to your microscopic tweezer holding dick. If not then do yourself a favor, look at your self in the mirror and let all your insecurities sub surface, then find another outlet to blame for your lack of manhood.

  6. Aidan Says:

    Thank you to whoever you are that told off Jared. You definitely have a good head on you and I apreciate that! Please let me know who you are, I’d like to thank you!

  7. 420blaze Says:

    wow ! great video alliance has been killing it latly

  8. Your mom Says:

    All the elevated riders fucking suck you ppl have no idea what your doing out there and it obvious by seeing what you do.. Or what you don’t do on every rail hit. Learn and freaking proper anything not 1 single rail hit in this was real. Making American wakeboarding look stupid. Haha but then again you are American. Eat more BBQ and fat zeaches

  9. Lucky Says:

    Ok mr your mom says!! Is that the best screen name you could come up with? Firstly let me congratulate which ever country’s school system taught you grammar. As we would like to know which one not to attend! Secondly I know a few of the elevated riders and unless I’m mistaken but nationally ranked wake boarders don’t suck! But hea I’m only a beginner. You complain about fake I would love to see what your dyslexic self could do on a rail. Hopefully it’s better than your screen name and composition skills! Mind you I have a 7 year old nephew that has better skills than that. So I believe (I’m actually assuming) everyone here would like to see what you got on the water. Send us a link.

  10. ELEVATED Says:

    Aidan , we’re proud of you man. Your hard work and dedication always shine through and it’s a pleasure to have you as part of the Elevated Family.
    What’s with all the drama guys, lay off it. You’re hating on Amateur Hour. For what Purpose? If you want to help shape the kid as an athlete, offer some constructive criticism to help. If you’re just here to gripe then take your outlook somewhere else. This industry doesn’t want, or support haters and drama makers, so figure that one out quick.
    Alliance’s Amateur Hour is about showcasing up and coming riders with a ton of potential. Clearly Alliance sees merit in Aidan and his riding, which is why his video got featured. We see that same merit in him.
    Wakeboarding was built on passion, progression, and creativity. Aidan has all of that, as well as many other profession qualities as an athlete. This includes an incredible generosity to give back to the sport and encourage other riders. Because of all this, we’re proud to have him as part of the Elevated family. You want to see progression, keep watching, because Aidan puts his heart into riding.

  11. Summer Downs Says:

    What’s with all the drama? But you’re killing it Aidan!! Keep it up

  12. Dustin Hall Says:

    Great clip brother! Keep up the good work. Don’t waste a second of your time worrying about negativity. Stay focused on progress and moving forward. That sort of reaction is always driven by fear and their own insecurities (which means deep down they respect you!).

  13. boomsmack Says:

    I think that everyone is forgetting that it is an amateur hour. these video are not of the best riders in the world and not the best filmers but they both still do a pretty good job.

  14. Kyle Says:

    What’s with all the drama? My name is kyle and this vid sucks

  15. Kyle Says:

    Dang goombas need to learn how to wakeboard

  16. Asparagus Says:

    lol u can’t even mobe and you have been water boarding for 6 years. i lol @ ur swag sir. dicksauce

  17. Mark DeVelde Says:

    good job buddy … so stoked to see your progression … don’t pay attention to the haters on here they’re bogus profiles … you’re the legit one cause your the one shredding & killing it!


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