April 25th, 2013 by Amateur Hour

Winching and worming. Meet Aj Westlund. “I’m 25 years old. I live in Oregon where I run a large scale vermicomposting operation, which is basically a giant worm farm! We make worm castings that go into soil blends. I have been winching for about 4 years and riding behind the boat for about 8!”

24 Responses to “Amateur Hour: AJ Westlund”

  1. VinnyA Says:

    This is actually the coolest web video I’ve seen in a long time. Great job!

  2. pat Says:

    dude that was awesome, you killt those concrete spots. and that first spin off the kicker was so smoov

  3. tic toc Says:

    tic tocs for days

  4. jonny Says:

    rail hitting needs some work but the creativity was awesome to watch. keep pushing bra.

  5. nini Says:

    first kicker hit is awesome

  6. Pete Says:

    Nice to see someone pushing on the winch! That save at 1:30… Not sure how you pulled that off

  7. OTT Says:

    That’a my boy!!!! Good job AK.

  8. OTT Says:


  9. Spencer T Says:

    Solid work AJ, keep it up

  10. KC Says:

    Nice work AJ and OTT! NW Salute!

  11. Preston Says:

    I got worms! we’re gonna specialize in selling worm farms.

  12. Dustin Schmidt Says:

    Ya Aj! Way to kill it! Can’t wait to ride with you again this summer!

  13. Ian Says:

    That wall ride was sick!

  14. Best Coast Says:

    Good to see some OTT!

  15. Charles Says:

    Sweet to see a guy from Oregon on Alliance! That’s some killer rail riding considering we don’t have any cable parks and everything you hit is homemade! Keep up the good work OTT!

  16. Bravoure Says:

    Sickest whirly i never seen

  17. Josh Says:

    Nice video ! Have you considered wakeskating at any of these spots ? No disrespect to wakeboarders. It’s just that some of those spots would be a wakeskaters heaven .

  18. DAvis Says:

    Hell ya! Sick vid AJ.

  19. OTT Says:

    To Josh: yes we have and do have footage from these spots with skates. :-)

  20. Pete Says:

    We were anticipating the usual comments like, “weak” “sucks” “don’t quit your day Job” “wheres the dub step” “put on a life jacket” and of course “song?”. but are pleasantly surprised. Thanks for the support! We will keep pushing up here in the Northwest!

  21. The joe jones Says:

    Nice spots. Good to see Zacs influence on others. OTT!!!!

  22. killa Says:

    sweet spots

  23. W3ST SID3 Says:

    It’s funny cuz I got a mag shot in Unleashed Wake Mag I think it was and my buddy loved it but I was like man check out this guy bonkin this stop sign in a flooded area, love the creativity! And here’s the vid to go with it haha awesome job man

  24. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    War Eagle…


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